Hi. I'm Kyle.

I Design and Build Physical and Digital Products.


I was founding designer at WeGrow (acquired Feb '18), I freelanced for some really great companies, led a team of designers at Phunware, designed a consumer financial app at Tuple, pitched my startup to YCombinator, and I co-founded Sirtified (among other things).


I co-founded a company focused on Human-in-the-Loop AI (training AI to get smarter) with the awesome team from WeGrow. We call it swivl. I also created these Vinyl Record Dividers and bzzwrds. I still like taking photographs and I'm working on releasing my first record album.


I'm pretty busy right now trying to make these things I'm building worth something. Here's a quote about the future. "There are no facts about the future–only fiction. The future is a place anything is possible, even if it's not probable."