glasses.com_mobile_appglasses.com_mobile_app revolutionized how consumers explore and purchase eyewear in the digital, mobile age. The app creates a 3D model of the user's head based on a few simple movements. Once this is mapped, the user can turn their head and the app will track their movement in 3D space to view different types of eyewear on their face. 

Year: 2013
Role: UX Direction
Team: Eric Moujaes (CD), Myan Duong (UX/UI)
Platform: iOS Phone & iPad

Real World Preview

Once the app has created a 3D model of the user's head, different glasses can be swapped out and viewed on the user's actual face. Sliding a finger left and right moves the user's head horizontally, and sliding up and down adjusts the position of the glasses on the user's face.