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REVIEW : Moo Business Cards

About.me recently offered 50 free business cards from Moo. If you don't know either of the two, take a minute and check them out. So, what they did was take my about.me profile picture and put it on one side of the card. On the other side, I got to put the text I wanted and had the option to put a QR code that directs you to my about.me profile. Pretty slick.

About.me gives you a free one page website with links to your digital life. It's a nice tool to bring people to a unified, one-stop site. If you're going to have any kind of web presence, this seems to be the "in-thing" right now.

Moo.com gives you super nice business cards and for a relatively cheap price. I used them a long time ago when they first started (when they were only in the UK by the way). They've since opened up shop here in the states.

I ordered the tiny, half business card size, back in 2007 or so, and was really pleased with them (On a side note about these little moo cards, when I backpacked Europe in 2007, I left them everywhere I went. For more on that, ask me sometime. Also, for more on my Europe trip, try this). I'm glad to see they've expanded and are now offering more sizes, as well as cool stuff like stickers! The print and paper quality on these cards is excellent! They are a bit on the expensive side, thought, at about $1 per card. But, really, how often do you give out cards? And, when you do give them out, you want to make sure they're nice.

One little hiccup, though, was that Moo sent me someone else's cards initially. (Some creepy looking guy (see photo below)). I contacted them, and they put me in the front of the line, re-printed them, and shipped them faster than they normally would, for free 🙂





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