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Review : BLURB books

A few months ago I got an e-mail from a friend who works for the printing company who handles some of Blurb's printing needs. She told me there would be a Groupon deal for $60  worth of Blurb printing for only $20 coming up soon. I had been wanting to try both Groupon and Blurb for a while, so  this was my chance.

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Creating My Book...

The process was very simple. I chose to go the more advanced route and upload a .pdf of the layouts I wanted. They do have some pretty nice software that makes it pretty easy for those who might not be the best layout designer. For the more advanced method, Blurb offers you an InDesign file that you download that has all the margins and correct settings already applied. If you're any good at all with InDesign, you'll have no problem with this. What I liked about this method was that I had fill creative freedom over the page layouts (even though I didn't do anything special, but it's nice to know that I could if I wanted to).


I've had to do a fair amount of printing of portfolios for my design work in the past. This is by far the best quality I've come across for the price. A few of my images must have been placed incorrectly in InDesign, as we they came out pixelated, but the ones that were done correctly came out crisp and clear. Color was spot on, except for the cover, which is a bit on the unsaturated side. As far as alignment and bleed goes, the pages are almost flawless except a few pages have a small amount of border on the bottom back side of the first half of the book. It's really not that noticeable, but It still bothers me (I'm wondering if I should contact Blurb to see if they would do anything about it).


$45 for 100 color pages in a perfect bound book with hardcover and a week turnaround time is not bad at all. I've spent $60+ getting portfolios done at Kinko's or Office Depot that were printed on a laser copier and I had to either spiral bind or perfect bind myself. If you have a week or two to wait, definitely go for this option. Keep in mind, I had $60 to spend so I went with as many pages as I wanted to fill up and a hard cover. The softcover is definitely a little bit cheaper.


If you're looking for a quick and easy way to get some quality printing done, I would highly recommend Blurb. And, if you need volume, the price definitely goes down. I'd give their User Experience an 8 and their overall quality an 8 as well.

Check out their website (unaffiliated)

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Looks great Kyle – you’re kicking ass out there!

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