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I'm turning 30 this year : Here's my 30 before 30 list

When it came time to update my 1, 3, 5 year goals, I began to think about the fact that I am turning 30 this year. My 1 year goals quickly became a "30 things to do before I turn 30" list. I wanted to keep them as obtainable as possible. This list is less of a "bucket list" and more of a "stop putting this shit off" type of list. Below you'll find descriptions of each item above. I will be updating them with my progress throughout the year.

  1. Lose 30 pounds Lose 60 pounds
  2. Do one thing from my “recreate” / “10" list
  3. See Marfa, TX
  4. Learn a new design tool 
  5. Launch Starboard and go full time
  6. Finish 10 books I bought, but haven't read yet.
  7. Try Yoga
  8. Build treehouse at farm
  9. Create a morning routine
  10. Learn a new coding language  (SASS)
  11. Go somewhere new every 3 months minimum
  12. Make an effort to meet one of your heroes
  13. Host a dinner party
  14. Take a massive job risk
  15. Sleep under the stars
  16. Get over my fear of touching fish
  17. See the northern lights
  18. Brush up on my jazz scales
  19. Get rid of clutter / things I don't need (physical things, habits)
  20. Make that awesome girl thing happen
  21. Learn how to moonwalk
  22. Call mom
  23. Get certified to scuba and then go
  24. Save more money
  25. Create a monthly spending budget
  26. Master 5 recipes from the 4 Hour Chef and eat them all the time
  27. Kickstart a project
  28. Find another mentor
  29. Find a mentee
  30. Throw a kick ass birthday party


1. Lose 30 Pounds

So, I met my goal by February of 2015 by following Tim Ferriss's advice in the 4 Hour Body. I implemented the Slow Carb diet alone and in 2 months, lost 30 pounds. So, I'm going to amend my goal and make it another 30 pounds, for a total of 60.


20. Make that "awesome girl" thing happen


Well, she really is awesome. Check her out : @scenicoverpass


8. Build a Treehouse at The Farm

My brother and I have been talking about building a treehouse in the woods for a long time. After much research, we've found 2 massive pine trees to build a tree house large enough for both of us to sleep comfortably (we're both very large people at over 6" tall each). Here are some photos of the progress :

Tree House



14. Take a massive job risk


June 5th, 2105 was my last day at Phunware, Inc. It was a wild 3 1/2 year ride. I learned a ton about myself, design, technology, and how to run a large scale business (but also, how not to...). My next journey is with a small startup in Austin's East Side, called Tuple. I'm going from running a team of designers at a decently large product company, to being the sole designer (for now) at a services company. I'm excited to be designing again 🙂


7. Try Yoga


Kyle Hall Yoga


10. Learn a new coding language  (SASS)

My first week at Tuple I jumped right into designing & coding our company website. What better time to learn sass than now? So, after about a week of playing around, I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on it. Also, I shook my bad habit of coding in Dreamweaver and finally moved over to Sublime Text. Oh, and I'm getting used to Github. I'm pushing, pulling, stashing, and committing like a mug.


19. Get rid of clutter / things I don't need (physical things, habits)


As part of my new journey, I've decided to move downtown to be closer to work (see #14) and my bae (see #20). After being in my current house for the past 2 years, and being the slight hoarder that I am, I decided that getting rid of as much junk as possible would be a great idea. The less I have to move, the better. Also, it just feels great to get rid of stuff (and money from the sale of some of those items isn't such a bad thing either).

Enter yard sale... I rounded up a few friends @scenicoverpass @hiddenvices @imptwitch @anna_h0 and we threw a yard sale at my house. I ended up doing pretty well, selling my couches, a TV, a chest of drawers, and a whole bunch of other random crap I've been hanging on to for years. I ended up making over $500 (and then decided to put this into #24).


24. Save more money


I 've been wanting to start contributing to a Roth IRA for several years... so... I did it. I started with the earnings from the yard sale (see #19). I went with Betterment. I had been hearing about them a lot on NPR and I liked their UX/UI better than others, so I went with them. Also, as a beginner, their tools seems to do all the trading / choosing for you. You set your goals, investments style (short-term v. long-term, conservative v. aggressive) and it seems to just go. I'm definitely going to be doing research into this more, but for now, this will work.

I would highly suggest that you begin investing right away if you haven't already. Not only do you want to know that your retirement will be taken care of, but who knows what the state of our government mandated program will be 40 years from now...


4. Learn a new design tool

I originally wanted to learn Sketch (which I am still definitely going to do) but I decided it was time to step up my prototyping game, so I dove head first into Quartz Composer. Facebook released a plugin version of their add-ons to Quartz. They call it Origami. These two combined make a seriously powerful prototyping tool. They also provide a companion iOS app that you can use to interact directly with your prototype on device.

It took me about a week of culling through youtube videos and trial & error to get the basics down. Origami helps a lot by combining many of the most common interactions and transitions into single patches. Initially, I started mocking up single, simple interactions. Then, I got ambitious and decided to try and build a complete app interaction into one prototype. It's been pretty difficult to make this happen, but I've gotten it to where I want it. I will do a whole post / set of videos on this alone, as I think people can benefit from this. In my search, there are very few tutorials out there (both free and paid).

Quartz Composer Node Graph

A little view into the craziness that node based prototyping can be

Quartz Composer + Facebook Origami Prototype

16. Get over my fear of touching fish

My good friend @jmoney took me kayak fishing. I caught my first bass. And several after that.

Bass Fishing

6. Finish 10 books I bought, but haven't read yet.


  1. Zero to One (SUCH a good book. I highly recommend it)
  2. The Box
  3. Dataclysm
  4. Hard thing about hard things
  5. Power of habit
  6. War of art
  7. Art of war (Cheating bc quick read)
  8. Innovators
  9. Jony Ive
  10. Obstacle is the way
  11. 4 Hour Chef

The following were not originally on the list, but I read them anyway...

  1. Think like a freak


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